As New Zealand’s leading construction company you can be assured of the highest quality outcomes and premium service. We love to share our knowledge, so here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions.

What type of building contracts are there?

Fixed Price Plus Contract – This provides you with a fixed price for your entire project. The building company will organise everything, from contractors to the final building inspection. Should there be variations to the quote then this contract allows for flexibility.

Shortform Contract for Small Works & Alterations – This contract is intended for use where the building work is expected to be of such short duration. Most of the time this means you must arrange contractors, inspections, materials and everything else. Very costly and time consuming, it usually only works if you hire an experienced project manager to organise everything.

Preliminary Services - This Contract is intended for use where the Builder has been asked to do some preliminary work in connection with a proposed building project, either prior to the project commencing, or as part of a feasibility study to determine if the project will go ahead.

How can I be sure my project will be on-budget and on-time?

We provide a schedule and in-depth quote which outlines the cost of the project. However, unforeseeable circumstances such as bad weather or structural rot (common in renovations) can sometimes arise, so it is important to be prepared to make changes if necessary. Our experienced project manager will inform you and deal with any hiccups to ensure a smooth project.

It is vital that you have a contingency amount in your budget, especially when renovating, to cover any issues that may arise. You must also be aware of how much you’ll be charged for variations and extras BEFORE you sign any contract. Many companies use variations to make a lot of money. We always provide open and transparent pricing for variations and extras.

Insurance – Do I need it? What are my options?

Yes, you must. We provide Contract Works insurance for new homes. For renovations, insurance must be added to your existing homeowner insurance policy. In this case, we provide Public Liability insurance as we can’t insure the renovation because we don’t own the house.

Do I receive a guarantee?

We provide a Halo 10 Year Certified Builder’s Guarantee, plus our own guarantee enhanced by our quality assurance checklist.

The Halo Guarantee Covers;
• Loss of deposits if the builder doesn't start the building work.
• Losses if the builder starts but doesn't complete the building work.
• 10 year cover for the full contract price, for structural defects including weather tightness issues, once the building works have been completed.
• 10 year cover for the full contract price, for non-structural defects once the building works have been completed.

If your builder fails to complete the building or rectify the defect, we will step in and fix the problem.

The cover extends not only to fixing any defect but also any damage to existing structures caused by the defect.


Before our initial consultation, we will send you detailed Lofroth Builders information pack. This will provide you with a greater understanding of why we are the best fit for your building needs.
At our consultation we’ll cover the following:

• What is your vision?

• How long might the build take?

• Is there any potential for a hold-up and how can they be avoided?

• What approvals you’ll need from council. How we can help you get them and how the process works.

• What costs you can expect and what type of contract will suit you best.

• Who project manages your construction.

• Where to begin with materials, fittings, fixtures, paint and interior designs.

• Discuss any concerns or questions, or any changes that you may be considering down the track.