It’s an exciting time, launching into a building project. Whatever you’ve got in mind – a new home, a major renovation or extension – you’ll want to be sure you’re getting an absolutely top quality service and finish. Often the building process can be confusing, so to assist you, here is our own 6 step building process:

Contact us

It always pays to get Lofroth Builders involved early. So the first step is to contact us so we can give you simple advice so when making critical decisions like choosing a section, architectural style, plans and building materials we can save you a lot of time and money later on within the building project.


A full build contract takes care of everything. It has minimal stress involved for the client and we would recommend it for most situations. However, there are other options that can be discussed with Lofroth Builders such as:

  1. Fixed price – Is exactly that a fixed sum as to what the build will cost, based on what you decide you want prior to the signing of the contract. There is still the possibly of making changes during the build, but the down side is that with a fixed price contract, each time you deviate from your agreed plan, additional paper work is required, meaning more time and money is spent.
  2. Estimated Cost break down –  With the estimated cost break down there is no room to maneuver you pay for exactly what is needed and nothing more. However there is no contingency figure added like in fixed price, in order to cover any unforeseen costs.
  3. Charge up contracts – offer more transparency with your invoices, a copy of every receipt for every dollar spent e.g. for all materials, sub-contractors, and labor completed to date.

Of course any changes or variations that occur will be discussed prior so that you have ample time and are aware of the best options for you to base your decision upon.


We can either use your existing plans that you have drawn up with your architect to put together a brief costing of your job. Or we can also help transfer your thoughts and dreams onto paper using our own reputable architect who will take them through to the council approval stage. Being members of the certified builders we have access to our very own drawn up certified builder plans that can essentially speed up your build process if you like a plan. Check out the plans click here Certified Builders. 

Project Timeline

It really depends on the size of the project and the level of difficulty involved. Before starting we will develop a detailed timeline that suits your individual situation. Our project management system helps us give you the opportunity to view progress, address any queries you have with regards to design and functionality with one click of your mouse. This online project management system allows you to see up to date progress of every build stage, giving you the opportunity to make confident and informed decisions if you feel the need to change things around.

Contract signing and Guarantee

Once we have agreed upon which contract option you would like to go with, we will then present you with a full building contract supplied by the Certified Builders Association, who produces the most up to date contracts in the industry. Allowing you time to check it over with your solicitor prior to signing, this will outline our responsibility to you, the extent of work, insurances, time period, payment schedule and our very own personal guarantee that we stand by to give you the added assurance. We will also provide you with a disclosure statement outlining which sub-contractors will be working on your build, you can trust us to only work with the best in the industry as we strongly align ourselves with companies that have them same values. At this time we will also provide you with a project timeline giving you also our proposed completion date for your build.

Job Completion

Once the final council inspection has been obtained, we will go through our 999 point no fail checklist to ensure every box has been ticked in regards to your build. This is too give you the added assurance that every little detail will be fixed and made just right. Once you’re fully satisfied with the results, we will then provide you with our guarantees, certifications and information relating to your build. Last but not least, we will organize your free top to bottom house clean by one of our cleaning services so you can move into your newly built house just the way you should.