Minor Dwellings - With the rise in house prices’ over the last...

Minor Dwellings - With the rise in house prices’ over the last few years, minor dwellings have become increasingly sort after. 

In the Auckland region, your minor dwelling can be about 65sqm. Here are some ways to get more out of your space!

- Creating an indoor-outdoor flow is essential! This will open up your living space for when you are entertaining and you wont feel constricted.

- Larger windows and bi-fold doors, that open up to your outdoor space

- Pushing your roof out and over your deck area, helps to bring the outdoor living space in. 

- Adding in loft spaces doesn’t impact your square meterage. A loft can be created by adding a steeper pitched roof, as well as a raking ceiling. Raking ceilings also help with the over all feel of the space through-out the house. 

- The higher the stud height the better.     

- You can add a garage! This is not included in your 65sqm minor dwelling limit.